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Let it be still cold outside, but the long-awaited summer will come soon, it's time for vacations and rest. Many people are already wondering where they will spend their long-awaited vacation. I think everyone wants to spend their holidays at the sea, sunbathe, swim, gain strength for the whole year.

Everyone chooses a vacation according to their taste and financial capabilities. Some go to the beaches in Turkey or Egypt, some of the Ukrainians go on trips to the Seychelles or Maldives. We also offer you an excellent alternative option - a vacation on the shore of the Azov Sea in the Berdyansk city in a comfortable hotel.

Rest at the Maxim Hotel. Berdyansk, the Azov Sea.

The Azov Sea is the smallest and warmest sea in the world. Its healing and health-improving properties are widely known. The sandy beaches of Azov, the healing sea air, pleasant sea water for bathing, saturated with various useful trace elements, the gentle southern sun - all this contributes to overall health improvement and increases the immunity of the human body.

On the shore of the Azov Sea there are many hotels, sanatoriums, dispensaries, recreation centers. The Berdyansk Spit is located within the city limits. This is a unique natural phenomenon – a huge sandy beach extending from the shore to the sea for more than twenty kilometers. On the territory of the Berdyansk spit there are salt lakes, so-called estuaries, six of them are quite large. These lakes are a source of therapeutic mud, which is used in medical institutions and sanatoriums of Berdyansk. One of the lakes, the Long Lake, is similar in its salinity and content of trace elements to the Dead Sea.

The beaches of Berdyansk are all sandy, sloping, without sudden changes. The beaches of the Azov Sea in our city are clean, equipped with changing rooms, sun beds and canopies.

A family vacation on the beaches of the Berdyansk Spit will be the most unforgettable for you and your children.

Active vacation at the sea.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the hotel offers various sea attractions, scooter rides, steep slides of the Cape of Good Hope water park, parachute flight over the sea, luna Park, Ferris wheel and much more.

And for lovers of romance, we also have something in store: a sailing trip on a yacht or with a breeze on a boat along the Berdyansk Bay, beautiful views of the sea and sunset and the sparsely populated beaches of the Berdyansk Spit. Be sure to visit the Berdyansk Dolphinarium, where you will be filled with positive emotions from communicating with dolphins.

Maxim Hotel offers a great holiday at the sea 2018!

Our hotel invites you to relax on the coast of the Sea of Azov! Comfortable rooms or apartments and low prices are waiting for you!

Our hotel is located in the private sector of the center of Berdyansk and accommodation with us will give you only pleasure. From the hotel to the beach is at hand, only some ten meters and through the slightly open window of your room you will hear the gentle surf in the morning and you will see a beautiful sunset with a view of the endless sea in the evening.

The hotel provides a full range of leisure services to vacationers. If necessary, the administrator will help you get a course for treatment in the sanatorium of Berdyansk.

Especially for novelty lovers, we have prepared a new hotel building for the 2018 season. It has spacious one-room rooms of varying degrees of comfort.

Prices are available for families with children.

We cordially and hospitably invite you to the renovated Maxim Hotel in Berdyansk for a vacation in 2018!

Vacation on the Azov Sea in Berdyansk is what you dreamed of!



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